• Who Are We?

    The Aerospace Research & Engineering Systems Institute, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization founded to promote space exploration and STEM education through hands-on research projects involving industry and students of all ages. Our mission includes public outreach through media activities, including our flagship publication, Zero-G News.

    SPHERELab, once in operation, is designed to be a center of excellence for research into clean energy located on Florida's Space Coast. SPHERELab will become a world-class research facility for research into advanced electric propulsion as well as in-space and terrestrial high-energy plasma and fusion energy applications. Read More
  • Zero-G News

    It's not just our website that is in redesign. We are also rebuilding our flagship online publication, Zero-G News. After ten years, it's time for a facelift. Publication is at a lower pace while we work on this, but when finished, Zero-G News will be better than ever... and we'll be keeping all of the old articles, photos and multimedia in our archives. Read More
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Innovative Programs

Promoting STEM education through hands-on engineering projects:

  • SPHERELAB II Establishing a center for fusion research and application on Florida’s Space Coast.
  • LunarSail Using open source and crowdsourcing to build the first spacecraft to use a solar sail to reach the Moon.




Founded in 2002, Aerospace Research and Engineering Systems Institute, Inc. is working to benefit and grow the aerospace and engineering workforce of the future in the state of Florida. We develop and coordinate pr ojects involving students at all levels, helping to inspire the younger generation to pursue science, math, and excellence through STEM education.

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  • Latest Launch: +

    A United Launch Alliance Atlas V launch vehicle blasted into space Wednesday night on the first launch from Cape Canaveral
  • Media: +

    New Space—Preview Issue of Groundbreaking Journal for the New Era of Space Exploration Launched at FAA Commercial Space Conference Mary
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